So Many Doors

Hey everyone!  Lights, camera, action.  Well, that is not exactly how this morning started, but it is pretty close.  Today was our team make-up day for volleyball photos because this Coach right here completely thought that picture day was today, when in fact.. it was three weeks ago (oops).  Do things like this only happen to me? It seems like I can have the whole agenda correct, but somehow and in someway I miss something… picture day was this something for the season.  We ended up taking our photos after our three sets.. we won two and couldn’t quite close the third, but I am extremely proud of our team and how well they have demonstrated just that.. “team”.  When a team works together, it creates something amazing, structured, uniformed.. I love knowing that the parents are watching their girls improve and I absolutely enjoy knowing that the individual player understands and sees that she is improving.

Volleyball has played a vital role in my life ever since I was in eighth grade.  That year was my first season stepping onto a court and I haven’t been able to step off.  I played Varsity throughout high school, and I remember wanting to play my absolute best.  I remember desiring to be a player of character.  I remember loving the sport so much that I did not want the tournament or game to end.  I never knew that I would one day be a coach; I never had a desire to coach but because of the Lord that all has changed.  Looking back, I have seen the Lord’s mighty hand guide my steps.  He has closed doors; He has also allowed me to humbly walk through chosen doors. I am coaching because He has done both.. closed and opened doors.  The passion that I have for coaching is incredible, and I strongly believe that the Lord has placed a passion in everyone’s heart – but you need to find it.  You need to trust in the Lord and know that He is ordaining your steps; that Bible that may be dusty… open it, read it; pray without ceasing, seek His kingdom first.  Coaching warms my heart.. just to know that I have a few hours a week with players of all walks of life, religious backgrounds, family demographic to instill lifelong values to be utilized both on and off the court encourages me to continue to do what I feel called to do. 

Switching subjects! So I attended my very first soccer game today.  It turns out that our city has a soccer team, and well my brother asked me to take him so I thought why not.. what could it hurt? You’re right – it didn’t hurt a thing, except the stadium seats were not too comfortable, but then again what stadium seats are comfy? The guys put up a good game, I enjoyed watching.  I need to find a Cliff Notes booklet on soccer, because half of the time I had no idea why the ref made a certain call.  The game didn’t turn me into a soccer lovin’ girl, but I will say that if I was invited again.. well I would probably go watch. Oh, and I saw a few people that I knew – that is always a plus!

Falling asleep these days has not been too simple… so I am going to turn on Francis Chan and get some rest!

Thanks for reading!




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