Happy HallowThanksMas

Hey everyone! Yes, I said it… Happy HallowThanksMas (*see below for definition) – do we even know what holiday we are celebrating anymore?  I would like to point out that Tarjay ALREADY has their Christmas section out and ready for purchase! What! Why! I wish we could just enjoy one holiday/season at a time, don’t you think that would alleviate the stress level that the majority of people share in? It almost makes the holidays tasteless.  My family and I skip over Halloween parties, but of course we own costumes – playing dress up is fun for work/school events, etc.! Thanksgiving for us is all about family drama, food and football – if that isn’t All-American, I am not sure what is! Can anyone else relate? Christmas is more of a sentimental time for our family where we continue to honor our Lord Jesus Christ, and share in much less family drama, much more fun and cake pops! Speaking of cake pops.. I will have to post a tutorial/recipe on my cake pops because they are the bomb.com.  I understand that most people do not say ‘the bomb.com’, but I do. 🙂 Are there any other tutorials/recipes y’all would be interested in seeing posted? Baking and I – we are best friends, in case you hadn’t heard!

So fall/winter is not much for where I am from.  I live in the great state of Texas, and uh…. our winters are almost non-existent.  Our ‘cold weather’ is somewhere in the 40s and that is if we are fortunate enough to see that number!  You can bet your bank account that at the feel of 60 degrees, girls are walking around with scarves, boots and a hot Starbucks drink in hand.  Yes, yes and YES I am one of those girls – well when it is in the 50s I am one of those girls..now the Starbucks drink only makes an appearance on my cheat days (Sat/Sun).  We Texas women LONG to be like you northern ladies all bundled up in cute winter apparel even though we have no real reason to wear any of it because… it’s not like it snows down here! It’s cute nonetheless, just let us. Please?

Total Random Thought:  I wanted to mention a site that is near and dear to my heart.  I am usually on this website hmmm three times maybe even four times a week.  I have a nerd side to me (don’t we all?), and this website provides me with a ton of information that otherwise would’ve taken me longer to find.


This website is an information portal in the form of a forum for the major cities, all states, countries and even has a ‘General Forum’ area.  Has anyone else ever utilized City Data?  I have been a member for a while, and am constantly up to date with interesting information because of this website.  The power of the internet!

*Urbandictionary’s definition:

HallowThanksMas:  “Is the holiday celebrating the most wonderful time of the year, October through December. It is a time of great warmth, sharing, parties, and of great American commercialism. People complain about overlapping holidays, but why? The distinction between the three major holidays is only becoming less clear. Embrace it as HallowthanksMas! It’s certainly not going to disappear. It’s a great excuse to eat, drink and be merry for three months straight! Each month is a celebration of its respective holidays, and seeing decorations and stores fully stocked should get our creative juices flowing; food, friends, parties and decorations are all a part of the holidays. Let’s face it, HallowthanksMas is here to stay, and I say God Bless It. And God Bless Us, everyone!”

I hope you all enjoyed this bit of Elizabeth 🙂

Talk to y’all soon!



One thought on “Happy HallowThanksMas

  1. Hey Liza!
    Is that alright? Hoping to bring inspiration to this post of less than 3 on here. Hallowthanksmas is a great holiday where we make sure that all our cards & Xmas gifts are taken care of before the last minute. Since you wanted to know about recipes, I thought I would ask if you knew how to make a ThanksMas pumpkin pie with lots of whipped cream & a cherry at the very top. What a delicious dessert! It makes me think of when I was working at a place called Hobby Lobby & how sometimes they put seasons together & mix them with greetings all-in-one. Ever heard of HallowMas candy where the candy is rich with craziness & wishes too? Ha! Ha! I am such a joy at night trying my wit with flavor. Have a nice time & hope you are very good at laughing. I am 1 to try that on everyone I meet all the time. Thanks for reading my latest post Fiber From Stiff to Being Flexible. I am so much into health now. I have been taking whole grain hot cereals & eat them in the morning & eat dinner & can keep going for quite some time. I just have to keep drinking water in order to keep my lower back from trying to go stiff when I am not tired & love to be online to use my blog & its followers to keep me going to see how well I am in stamina. My strength gets better as I use the fiber for my body & its lower back problem. No matter what I do I can always spend time on here chatting to others feeling good about myself later as I know how I have used all my efforts for that day to accomplish what I want making others more knowledgeable & better acquainted with my niche. My niche I have found is about good health & nutrition. I plan on making a new blog soon which has a storefront & selling some things I qwill be making to put online soon. Be watching & thanks for being so nice to read what I have wrote!

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