A Mess of Brownies

Hello, hello, hello!

I don’t know about you, but I cannot stress enough how amazing this weather has been! Today is hands down gorgeous, and supposedly the forecast is going to be pretty nice over this next week.  I love this weather SO much, that it actually puts me into a mood to bake.. I mean, I love baking as it is, but this weather makes me just want to bake all day and all night, seriously! And you know, last night I did just that.  I have been wanting to bake a little something for our volleyball girls so last night I headed to the store and picked up a few items, came back to the house and started backing around 10 and finished at 1130.  This dessert will make you fall in LOVE, and if it doesn’t it will come real close! The correct name for these brownies are Slutty Brownies, now I am not too fond of the name, so let’s just call them TheBomb.com Brownies.

If you are still interested in baking these, keep on reading. 🙂

First things first, you will need a few ingredients that you might even have in your kitchen! You can use homemade cookie or brownie batter or just go the quick way like I did.  The main reason why I didn’t make homemade batter is because.. like I said it was 10 pm and I had to wake up at 7 am this morning, time was definitely of the essence! These are all of the ingredients that you will need, plus oil, margarine and water.


I lined the 9×13′ cake pan with foil – this will help tremendously when you transfer the brownie to the cutting board to cut the brownies into pieces PLUS…can we say easy pan cleanup!


1) Prepare the cookie batter (home or pre-made).  Once the cookie batter is mixed, spread it onto your foil – this is your bottom layer of the brownie.


2) Place Oreos on top of your chocolate chip cookie layer.  Don’t worry about the cracked Oreos – just continue placing them on top.  Super simple!


3) Next up: Throw on some marshmallows, make it rain!


4) Prepare your brownie batter and spread it over the marshmallows; this will be your fourth layer of goodness! Don’t worry about trying to cover every marshmallow 🙂


5) Bake at 375 for 45 minutes… once it’s completed this should be your final product.  Ready? 1, 2, 3 DROOL.


I suggest letting your brownie cool for a bit (15 minutes or so).  While you let it cool, fill a cup with room temperature water.  Between each cut through the brownie, dip your knife into the cold water and cut…. so its dip into water, cut, etc.  This will help give your brownie clean cuts!


Voila! Here is the inside of the brownie.  It looks amazing and I promise it IS nothing but amazing!


This is my all-time favorite dessert! What is yours?

Thanks for reading and have a blessed Sunday!



15 thoughts on “A Mess of Brownies

  1. Oh my word… I’ve just overcome my obsession with all things chocolate (as part of my commitment to a better body) and now this… wow. Looks amazing. I’ll just sit here and salivate… 😀

    • Hey there 🙂 Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!! I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog! Unfortunately these brownies aren’t healthy BUT since the holidays are upon us, it might be a nice dessert for a holiday get-together. Even if you don’t have a big piece, a small pinch is good enough because it is so rich! Keep checking back, I have a few healthy desserts up my sleeve. 🙂 Nice to ‘meet’ ya!

  2. Hey Elizabeth, thanks for following me, and also for this amazing recipe! I feel faint from the desire I’m getting at the moment to make them right now! Yum, yum!

  3. Hey Elizabeth!
    It’s way too good to be brownies. Yea, they look so good without cutting them. I am into sweets & am waiting for the beginning of the month now. It’s so close & will be able to try those brownies with a new twist to it. I will bring it to you as soon as I do. My all-time fave baking was & haven’t tried it for a long time, but is a strawberry banana cheesecake with M&Ms all over the cheesecake.
    Drool now! Ha! Ha!

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