Review: Nuun Tablets

Hey y’all! I hope you all had a wonderful Monday, I know Monday’s can be rough SO I have put together a small ‘hydrating’ review on Nuun Tablets.  Let’s roll right into it!

This coming Saturday I will be running a muddy obstacle course which will be four miles of 40 obstacles, WOO! I am extremely excited for this! I get an adrenaline high when I run obstacle courses, it’s just something about them… they are the perfect amount of dangerous! Anyway, so I went to my neighborhood Academy and purchased a few items for Saturday’s course.


In the above picture you will see Cliffbars, Gu Energy and Nuun Hydration Tablets.  This post is going to be a review of the Nuun Hydration Tablets in Strawberry Lemonade.  If you all would like a review on the other products that are shown – leave me a comment, and I would LOVE to review them for you!


Say ‘hello’ to Nuun Hydration Tablets.  This small bottle retails for $4 and some change, however it is definitely packing with all sorts of goodness! The below three bullets are straight from Nuun’s website.

  • The electrolytes that your body needs: Each tube of Nuun contains 12 tablets. Each tablet makes 16 oz. of Nuun, and delivers 360 mg Sodium / 50 mg Potassium / 25 mg Magnesium / 13 mg Calcium
  •  Nothing that you don’t: Less than 1g of carbs, fewer than 8 calories. No sugar. No high-fructose corn syrup. No artificial flavors or colors.
  •  Good for the Earth: One tube prevents the manufacture of up to twelve 16oz plastic bottles from sugar-ADE sport drinks.

Are you sold, yet? If not, keep reading.  If you are, keep reading. 🙂


The small tube comes with 12 tablets, yes TWELVE! Essentially, you’re enjoying 12 drinks that hydrate and provide electrolytes for $4.  Pretty impressive, Nuun! This picture makes the tablet look awfully tiny, and although the tablets aren’t itty bitty, they aren’t huge and gawky either! They’re the perfect size, really! They’re like a larger version of Sweetarts. (Get this, you can even eat them LIKE Sweetarts, but Nuun doesn’t recommend it.)


The tube is a sturdy/thick plastic, which I truly appreciate! Also, the top is easy to open.  You just pop the lid up with your finger/fingernail and it’ll open nicely for ya.  The inner portion of the lid looks pretty cool, I’m not even gonna lie! The packaging definitely seems like it would be secure in a backpack/running belt/purse, etc.  Kudos, Nuun, Kudos!


As suggested, I dropped one tablet into my glass of water and watched it fizz away.  The fizzing process takes about 3 minutes, so let the tablet do it’s thing while you post your run/workout to your social network, start your car, make your sandwich, or whatever it is you find yourself in the middle of!


I promise you, once the fizzle is done.. take a sip and try not to smile after.  Not only does it pack a nice flavor, but it also does your body good! I mean… sipping on strawberry lemonade water which also includes electrolytes… can I get a AMEN!! Seriously, once you try this let me know how you enjoy it, or if you don’t.  Either way, I’d love to hear what y’all think!

Quick Tip:  I am always hesitant in buying new products without reading a few reviews first, yet sometimes I totally forget to research online while I’m at home.  So while I was standing there at Academy, in front of the Nutrition section, I whipped out my trusty iPhone 5 and Google searched the product.  I am glad I bought them! So when you’re on the fence about purchasing a new product, I recommend taking a couple of minutes and Googling the product.. and if people look at you like your weird (because they will)….smile and nod, smile and nod.  🙂

Also, I want to thank each one of y’all who have commented, followed and liked my posts! You guys are amazing! Every time I see a comment pop up on my phone, I get this huge smile.  Thank YOU!

Have a nice Tuesday!



7 thoughts on “Review: Nuun Tablets

  1. I’ve used Nuun often and I think they work great. Love that little curly, cue cap thingy. I just drop a tablet in my water bottle with my hand carrier and away I go. Thanks for the review.

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