What’s In My OCR Gym Bag

Happy Monday, everyone πŸ™‚ I completed a mud run/obstacle course this past Saturday with a couple of my closest guy friends.Β  I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show y’all what I packed into my gym bag.Β  If you’re interested – keep on reading!

The mud run/obstacle course that we ran was 4 miles consisting of 35 obstacles.Β  Talk about a challenge, but it was a total blast! We only walked about half a mile of it.Β  Mind over matter! I have conquered a muddy obstacle course before, so packing my bag was quick and easy.Β  I hope after reading this, it’ll be the same way for you.


(By the way, excuse my messy bed)

Take towels (plural)– you will be muddy, wet and gross.Β  Do you really want your car to take after its’ owner? Plus, some runs offer changing/shower stations and you will need to dry yourself off!

Take Wet Ones (or some type of antibacterial wipe) – After we completed the course I wiped myself down with a few wipes, then used these as a ‘soap’ in the changing/shower station they provided.Β  Quick, easy, cheap and gets the job done! Oh, I bought the citrus scent – I smelt SO good! Oh oh, and these also work great for getting the mud out of your ears!

Take Sanitizer – Bath and Body Works has a deal… buy 5 for $5.Β  I am a huge sanitizer freak.Β  You don’t NEED this, but it doesn’t hurt to have one on hand.

Take Duct Tape – tape your shoes to your feet, unless you’re wishing for your shoes to be swallowed up by mud pits, etc.

Take Trash Bags – After you change out of your dirty clothes/shoes, you’ll want to stash them somewhere and we DON’T want our nice, expensive gym bags smelling like mud and sewer water, nasty!

Take Deodorant – Use it before your race, smells great and prevents your underarms from chafing AND use this post race, for obvious reasons. πŸ™‚

Take Body Glide – You MAY not need this, but my thighs definitely love me more on the runs where I use Body Glide.

Take Extra Clothes – To change into after your quick bird bath.Β  I suggest shorts, shirt and flip flops.Β  Flip flops are easier to slide on than having to put on socks and tennis shoes.Β  Don’t forget your clean pair of undergarments!

Take a Snack – Cliffbars are my choice bar for any race and/or workout sesh. If you are going to eat something before, eat light and drink plenty of water.

Take a Recovery Drink – for your drive home you’ll need to hydrate your body and replenish.Β  Nuun Tablets is what I packed – how did you know!


Do Wear – tight shorts (ladies, trust me).Β  I find that tight (cycle like shorts) are comfy to run in and obviously cling to your body which helps a bunch when you’re jumping over, climbing over, and crawling under obstacles.

Do Wear – long socks.Β  These will definitely guard your calves from rope burn if you have to climb or shimmy a rope. They will also protect your legs from any scratches.Β  This may not be as important to everyone, but I am a fan of wearing dresses so I prefer to have minimal burns/bruises.

Do Wear – your hair up in a bun/ponytail.Β  This is not the time to be looking hot with luscious curly locks.Β  If your guy loves you, he’ll love you even more when he knows you can run an obstacle course with him without constantly worrying about your hair.

Do Wear – your natural face, maybe a bit of concealer but ladies leave the mascara, blush and eyeliner in your bag! Maybe apply it when you’re changing if you absolutely need to.Β  I just do away with it all.Β  πŸ™‚


Do Wear – a good pair of running/trail shoes.Β  I know everyone always says not to because you’re going to muddy them all up and have to donate them. I ran in my Brooks Pure Connect, they were super muddy post race.Β  As soon as I got home I threw everything I wore for the race in the wash, and check these shoes out – no mud!Β  Wear your good shoes!


Do Take Friends – People, running a muddy course or ANY race with a group is way more fun than running alone.Β  I definitely recommend running an obstacle course in a group because (like me) you will need help on a couple of obstacles – that’s where your TEAM comes into play.

Do Color Coordinate – with your team.Β  There is no better reason than.. because it’s FUN.

Do Take Money – of course.

Don’t forget to take your signed waiver, confirmation email and ID.Β  Better to be prepared than not!

I hope I didn’t leave anything out! If I did, please comment down below OR if you have any other suggestions, leave me a comment and let me know.Β  πŸ™‚

I hope this helped!

P.S. I hit 100 followers today! Y’all are awesome! Thank you SO much for following my blog! πŸ™‚


35 thoughts on “What’s In My OCR Gym Bag

    • Yes! Those are key items to take as well. I didn’t take compression products or ibuprofen, but how did I forget bandages! Thank you for your input and thanks for reading! -Elizabeth

  1. looking good and sounds like you had a great time. I did this obstacle course: http://www.army.mil/article/98879/Welcome_to_the__Nasty_Nick_/ in the Army. I did not have as much fun as you 😦 But I was getting paid πŸ™‚ Some guys were so scared that they quit. I will not lie, I was very scared too! If you fell off the ropes or the ladder you just landed on the hard ground 30 feet below. To be honest, the army ruined running, hiking and obstacle courses for me πŸ™‚ I’ll just live vicariously through your blog posts.

    • Thanks so much for reading! I checked out that link, that course looks like it would be challenging yet fun… Rewarding is the word I’m looking for! That course is only for special forces? That’s impressive. Hopefully you continue to enjoy the courses I review! It’s like you get to run them without the fee, bruises and training. Thats a good trade off, I would say! – Elizabeth

    • Yay! Thanks so much for following. I hope you continue to enjoy my blog. πŸ™‚ You are welcome, you have a great blog, I am always looking for reviews on products/websites so I was thrilled when I found your latest posts! Happy Blogging. – Elizabeth

  2. love the colourful gear you have!!! Any tips on how to get into running for cardio? I get exceptionally bored and tired so 30 minutes is a huge feat for me! I love weights but cardio is my enemy haha. I would choose the elliptical or crossfit over using the treadmill or running at a park, but I really want to get that crazy endurance/stamina and adrenalin high that you long distance runners get!!

    • Thanks a bunch! I am a fan of colorful running clothes. It makes me happier when I run, it sounds odd but it’s the truth. Thirty minutes is a great length of time to run! Since you are at that mark, I would start incorporating HIIT (high intensity interval training) which will help tremendously with endurance. I’m not going to lie, you WILL sweat when you are trying out a interval set, but that is exactly what your body needs when building stamina/endurance. This type of training will also aid in teaching your lungs and you how to keep a steady breathing cycle while you run longer distances. Check out this link: http://www.fitfabcities.com/2012/05/16/printable-workout-35-minute-hiit-interval-running-walking-or-treadmill-workout-and-playlist/
      The above address is to a 35 minute HIIT session, only five more minutes than your typical time! Another great thing about HIIT is you are able to train on the treadmill or outside, depending on your preferences.

      As far as being bored while running… What music do you listen to, if any? If you don’t, I recommend buying 6
      songs off of ITunes (about 30 minutes). Make sure they are upbeat, fast songs to keep your rhythm and attention. Country, love songs for me makes me want to walk not run. πŸ™‚

      How do you feel about these suggestions?

      • sorry! I meant 30minutes of standard cardio on ellipticals, bikes or during crossfit. Anything but the treadmill! haha

        I can honestly only push myself to do 15 minutes of HIIT (sprinting 2 min, jogging 2 min) on the treadmill and i just flop over, vomit or die and fall asleep LOL! I guess it’s no wonder i never get into that “zone” or adrenaline high that you guys get– i’m not running long enough!

        Thank you for the tips πŸ™‚ I guess I really need to sit down and make a gym playlist to help me stay on the cardio machines for longer haha.

      • Hey 15 minutes is still great for HIIT! It takes alot out of you. The first time I did a HIIT workout on the treadmill, I thought I was going to die! I didn’t expect it to work my heart/lungs/legs that much, but it does good for building endurance. Try this, 10 minutes of jogging (maybe a 5.2ish), then for the last ten minutes try a HIIT workout. Listen to your body though, if it is screaming for you to stop, listen to it and don’t negatively compromise your body/health. However, you are the only one who knows your body – so if you KNOW that your body can go for longer, do it up! Keep me in the loop though, I’m excited to hear your progress!

        Yes, yes yeeeees – get some good, quick tempo, motivational music in your ears. I promise, it will make a huge difference! Sometimes I get lost just listening to the music, and I totally forget that I’m sweating bullets. A few of my favorite songs are Remember the Name, She Got a Donk, and My Chick Bad. Hope this helps!

  3. Yea! I know you have to be in tip-top shape. Going through mud & falling in it sometimes are quite a mess. Besides being athletic, you almost have to have on your tip-toes to wade through that mud. It’s like running on ice except for it’s dirtier. Slippery when muddy or wet! Ha! Ha! I have done lots of running & learning how to make my life so much better when I was in shape. I have tales to tell that may or may not have you believe in what I did as I was doing all I could to become great in sports.

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