Killer Ab Circuit + Spartan Challenge

Hi y’all! I wanted to introduce y’all to an Ab Circuit that us Twicethesweat Girls have been incorporating into our daily workouts.  This circuit may sound like a piece of cake, but trust me – you will most definitely love the good burn that this circuit gives you! Ready? Let’s get into it!

V Sits (30 sec.)

Plank (30 sec.)

Russian Twists (45 sec. with a 15 lb plate)

Plank (30 sec.)

Bicycle crunches (30 sec.)

Plank (30 sec.)

Reverse Crunch (30 sec.)

Side Plank (60 sec.)

Repeat circuit 4 times!

This is a circuit that we tend to go back to over and over and over again and there is a reason for that – this workout gives results when performed correctly.  Marry this to your already clean eating and you’re in perfect shape for summertime.  We are only 6 months away!

Sit tight, we aren’t through yet! After we complete this circuit, we take about a minute break and jump right into burpees! Typically we complete 20 burpees (either 4 sets of 5 or 2 sets of 10), BUT have y’all heard of the Spartan 30 Day Challenge? Spartan Racing is challenging everyone to complete 30 burpees a day for 30 days! You can start this challenge any day, however today is the second day of the challenge for us so we are currently Burpee-ing 30 after this circuit.  Call us crazy, call us insane, we just don’t want to remain the same! 


Y’all should do the Spartan Challenge with us!

Leave a comment down below if you have any questions regarding this circuit AND/OR if you accept this challenge!



23 thoughts on “Killer Ab Circuit + Spartan Challenge

      • Ok I started today. I work 12 hour shifts and it’s been crazy busy, so, I just couldn’t start it until I had a day off. But, I did start this morning. The ab circuit and the 30 burpees!! Loved it! It’s great right now, because for the next few weeks I have to do a modified workout because I had some minor work done on my legs. This fits the bill perfectly.

      • Yes, still doing the burpees and circuit! I’ve missed a few days due to work and feeling a bit under the weather, but, I’m just gearing up to go do a workout now. I’ll keep going. Thanks for checking in with me!

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  4. Hi Elizabeth!
    I am trying to work on some of these exercises as much as I can & do accept the challenge very soon. I am really trying to promote this post of Energy for Athletes which helps all athletes to compete & get past their aches & pains afterwards. Thought it would be a nice gesture!

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