Operation Comfort for Wounded Warriors 5k, Bike Ride, BBQ, Car Show

Hey y’all! I ran the Honor Run and Ride – Operation Comfort for Wounded Warriors 5k on December 1, and as you can tell I am a little behind on typing up a review, but better late than never right? This run was put on by Purnell Racing and proceeds raised are being used to send a Veteran back to Vietnam to enjoy the country without being shot at.  If anything warms my heart, it is people, organizations, and events that support our American troops and stand behind them! I have a good amount of military influence in my family, and plenty of friends that are near and dear to my heart which serve in our military. They all play a vital role in my being so patriotic. I just could not pass up this opportunity!

Like I said, the event was at Ladybird Johnson Park on December 1st which is a great way to kick off December! It was at 10 AM, and I arrived at 9:30 which again was plenty of time for me to get registered and do a few leg warm ups.


I looked around and absolutely loved what I saw..there were runners, walkers and hand cyclists who all joined together for one wonderful cause.



Check her out – she even came ready to skate her way through the course!


The run started and we were off, I ended up passing a few people and for the majority of the run, I found myself right behind or right in front of these two runners.  Positive peer pressure!


This guy was not far behind, he was pretty much next to me the whole time which I thought was extremely neat! I felt honored. 🙂 Watching him handcycle really put things into perspective for me – he completed the exact same event that I registered for, and he was all smiles and had such a great demeanor! I really couldn’t complain that I had a slight headache.


I finished in about 28 minutes, I believe! Or was it 27 and some change.  Either way, I finished sub 30!

I felt the course was beautiful.  It was my first time running this particular park and I have to say I enjoyed every bit of the course! It was a paved and winding course throughout the park with foliage on both sides of the paved route.  At one point the course led us out of the park, across an access road, under a highway bridge and looped back around.  Was I worried about safety? Not one bit because there were police blocking/directing traffic as we ran across the access road and back again.  The check-in process was quick and simple AND in addition to that.. the greatest thing about this race was that so many different people, with different stories, lifestyles, hobbies.. we were all there to support one extremely honorable cause.  I LOVED seeing people fuse together in the way that we did that one day in honor of those who have fused together overseas and stateside for us every day.  Thank YOU for serving!

The 5k came full force with a Bike Ride, BBQ and Car Show.  So after we completed the run, we checked out the other events.




I am SUPER happy that I participated in this run! It was fun, humbling and such an incredible experience! I can’t wait for the next Operation Comfort Run. As every day people, sometimes we feel like we can’t do much for our military men and women, past and present, but there are ways of touching lives – even if you think it’s miniscule, to someone it may be the world!

Thank you all for reading and I hope y’all are doing fantastic! Down here in Texas, we are experiencing coooold weather, at least we aren’t used to 30 and 40 degree weather.  Stay warm wherever you are, and keep on smiling!


P.S.  If you would like to check out Operation Comfort – here is their website operationcomfort.org.

and if you would like to read into Johnny Purnell of Purnell Racing – here is a short bio of his military experience http://operationcomfort.org/john-allen-purnell/.



7 thoughts on “Operation Comfort for Wounded Warriors 5k, Bike Ride, BBQ, Car Show

  1. Good Moorning, Check out http://www.purnellracing.com/ for our 2014 “Best of Texas Race Series” calendar. See you next Monday at 10:00am to run. Johnny P.

    Johnny Purnell, Race Management, Personal Trainer, Marathon Coach for life, President-Run-A-Way Running Club & purnellracing.com (Retired US Army SgtMaj)(210) 385-8248

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