Here is to you. You sweaty, tough fitness friends!


This is for you.. You deserve it.

Here is to…

Clean eating, saying no to junk food, french fries, pizza.  Healthy lifestyle.  Expensive health conscious groceries. Protein/Energy Bars, ALOT of water, hydration packs, Sacrifice. Experia socks, running shoes, trail shoes, road shoes, weight training shoes. NEW running shoes every 300 miles. 6 am alarms, 6 am wake up calls, 6 am wake up texts.  7 am runs.  Runs in the cold.  Runs in the heat.  Runs in the humidity.  Being called crazy because you’re running in 30 degree weather.  Overstuffed closet of training clothes.  Sweat.  alot of it.  Determination, perseverance, drive, willpower, desires, goals.  Proving people wrong.  No excuses. Feeling sore.  Sore legs, sore butt, sore arms, sore calves, sore feet, sore everything.  Downloading fitness apps.  Actually using those apps. Researching new ways to improve. Improvement.  Beast Mode. Runner’s high.  or.  high intensity interval training.  New challenges.  Late night gym sessions.  Smelly shoes, smelly armpits, just smelly.  Gym time after work. Making the gym a date night.  Tears, frustrations, and change.  Pains, back aches, knee aches, head aches.  Sweat on leather seats, YOUR leather car seats.  Making an impact.  Smiling at a stranger while you run.  Overpriced race entries.  Mind over matter. YouTube motivational videos. Workout playlists. Not stopping until you’re done.  Giving it your all.  Workout partners.  Running Partners.  Defying laziness.  Your haters. Recovery runs.  Over-abundance of fitspirational quotes. Being called a fitness nut. Chicken breast, tuna, fish.  Fitness blogs, sweaty yoga mats, loud music. Fitness journals.  The scale.  The will to do more, to want more.  Here is to you.  To you who never quit given your current circumstance.

Sweaty High Five to you my friends and keep it up!!



20 thoughts on “Here is to you. You sweaty, tough fitness friends!

  1. Runs in the cold? Check. Overpriced race entries – is there any other kind? Sweat? Natch. Being called crazy? Yes, even by my coach. Giving up junk food, French fries and pizza? Umm….I’ll get back to you on that.

    BTW, check out this hilarious article on the Trader Joe’s opening in Boulder, CO – the so-called “America’s most health-obsessed city”.


    • Sounds like we are on the same page! I love junk food though (who doesn’t!) – thanks for reading this post and taking time to comment! I’ll most definitely check out the link 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Love this!!! Especially since I came back from last nights run in 80+ degree heat just dripping sweat. Two strangers asked if I was ok. Was I ok? Yeah, I’m great. Thanks for asking!!!

    • Hahaha Half Mad Runner, I know exactly what you’re talking about! Dripping sweat is one of my favorite hobbies, and some people are like ‘Whaaaaat!’. Glad we are in the same boat 🙂 Keep up the hard sweaty work! Glad you enjoyed the post!

  3. Thanks for following my blog!
    I like this, except for the emphasis on expensive material items. Fitness should (and can!) be affordable and accessible for everyone.

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