Fitness Apps to keep you sweating!

What’s going on y’all? I know we all hear about a ton of different fitness apps that are available, and we probably want to download every single one of them (at least, that’s how I am!).  I wanted to give y’all a look into the top apps that I use and really enjoy!


Runtastic – (free) I love that this app is clean and streamlined.  It looks crisp, and it is simple to use! Also, if you want to upgrade to Pro, it is only $5.  An inexpensive app that does a great job!

Strava – (free) Another running app.  Not only can you use it to track distance, but the app also offers different weekly/monthly challenges that you can take part of. You can also see the athletes who are around you, check their times and distances – great motivation and networking app!

Pact – (free download) This app is so neat! Okay, so you set a goal on the app + enter what you’ll pay other members if you don’t reach the goal.  So for instance you can set a goal to hit the gym 4 days a week, and if you don’t go then $10 is deducted from your account that week.  It really is an awesome app to keep you accountable! I mean, who wants to give away money? However, if you DO meet your goals you earn cash rewards!

Livestrong – (free) Perfect app to track your caloric goal.  This app shows your progress on a chart, plus it has a community forum.  I am a huge advocate for Livestrong because of what their company represents.  This is an app worth checking out for sure!

Fitness Point – (free) Ever get tired of trying to remember all of the workouts that exist to the human race? Well, this app aggregates every workout by muscle group and allows you to build and save your own workout!

Pump Up – (free) This app is extremely similar to Fitness Point, however Pump Up allows you to choose your goal (lose weight, get toned, etc.), fitness level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), duration, and other general factors to generate a workout that best suits you.

First Aid – (free) What if something happens to you or another friend while training? That is exactly why I have this app – just in case and for safety reasons.  Even if you are not working out, this is a smart app to download – free information is at your fingertips.  Head injury, Choking, Strain and Pains, Asthma Attack are just a few of the topics that are available First Aid Topics.

Luminosity – (free) Keep that brain strong! It is great to have a strong, healthy body but do not forget about that brain of yours.  Daily/weekly brain exercises are great to incorporate into your training routine…it’ll keep you sharp and on your toes! Luminosity covers: Memory, Attention, Flexibility, Speed and Problem Solving.  Stay healthy in all aspects of life!

Those are the top few apps that I frequent. Does anyone use these same apps? If not, what are other awesome apps that I should check out? You know what to do, comment down below!

Thanks for reading 🙂




XHIT Daily – A+++ Workout Videos

Hi y’all – so I came across a new found treasure! Oh my gosh, I was thrilled when I found this YouTube Channel.  I am always looking for new, fun ways to enjoy my workouts/gym sessions and this channel totally does that for me!


This is not going to be a super long post about XHIT Daily.. I really just want to share this with y’all because I have been super excited about their workouts since the first time I watched their videos.

So XHIT Daily is geared towards both the women fitness junkies and the women that are new to the fitness world.  They have videos that range from 5 to 18 minutes and these videos cover every muscle of your body PLUS they can be done in the comfort of your home! So we’re talking HIIT videos to videos that streamline a certain muscle group. One of the reasons why I instantly fell in love with this channel is because these are women, just like you and I who are choosing to live a healthier lifestyle.  I think it’s fabulous! Plus, I can not lie… the studio that they shoot in is gorgeous.  I love the set-up, the directing, I love the colors, their personalities – it really just all flows extremely well together and I find myself watching their videos over and over.  They are now my Go-To channel for any and all types of workouts.  Another neat aspect? They offer an e-newsletter that will give you up-to date info on the newest videos, what is happening behind the scenes, etc.  I’ll link the sign-up page down below, it’s super quick and easy to sign up and it’s totally free!

Check them out when you have a chance, and I pinky promise you – you will most certainly not be sorry!

Oh also, click around on their website – you’ll find a Tip of the Day, Bio’s of the hosts and so much more.  It really is an awesome site!




Thanks to XHIT Daily, I was inspired to create an outdoor set-up where I can workout to their videos!

IMG_1530 IMG_1490










Short and Sweet post!


I Wish I Knew That…… (Running/Gym)

Hey hey hey!

There are things that I wish I would’ve known before I started running.  There are also a few things I wish I would’ve known before I started hitting the gym regularly.  Well, here is my Top 11 List of

‘I wish I knew that…’

I wish I knew that Body Glide existed.  Can I just say that I was running for a WHOLE YEAR and a HALF without Body Glide.  Once I discovered the secret to happy inner thighs, oh my WORD – I was and still am obsessed.  My runs are so much “smoother” now, literally.

I wish I knew that some people would think I was out-of-my-mind-crazy for waking up at 6 for a morning run.  Doesn’t the whole world love running?! Especially that early in the morning? Well, I at least thought so.

I wish I knew that Experia socks would be worth the 14 glorious dollars.  Six months into my running I was given a pair of Experia socks for Christmas, and goodness gracious I totally feel the difference when I run with “normal” socks as opposed to my running socks.

I wish I knew that I would have days where I wouldn’t enjoy my runs because I was physically/mentally/emotionally/spiritually exhausted and that is okay.  Learn to embrace your imperfections, but push through them.  Battle them.  Overcome them!

I wish I knew that women could also utilize the cable machines at the gym.  I always saw guys on the cables and thought “Oh that area must be for dudes only…I’ll head to the butt machine.” WRONG.  Ladies, work yourself into the cables – you’ll love how it feels!

I wish I knew that the earphones my gym sells would not stand a chance against my buckets of sweat.  They fall out so easily! Save your $5 and put it towards buying a pair of Yurbuds – they are more expensive, but they will stay in even if you sweat a ton (like me).

I wish I knew that the treadmill would eventually hurt my knees.  If you can stay away from the ‘mill for long runs, please do! Get outside, breathe some polluted air, but don’t hurt your knees on the ‘mill!

I wish I knew that OCR existed! When I started running, I thought running only involved… straight runs.  I had no idea there was such a thing as obstacle course racing 😀 Let’s just say that I would pick an OCR event over shopping any day, hands down! And… I love shopping!

I wish I knew that Elf concealer works perfect for those runs/gym sessions where you want to cover dark circles, but you don’t want to cake on makeup.  Gross! A couple of dabs of the concealer does wonders. Plus, it’s only ONE dollar! A hundred pennies, people, a hundred pennies.

I wish I knew that HIIT was a “thing”. About a a year ago I started incorporating HIIT runs into my running plan and about six months ago I started HIIT cardio blasts at home.  I have been running/working out regularly for 2 years.  I missed a whole year of HIIT.  Don’t be afraid of the sweat, get your HIIT on!

I wish I knew that the running community is full of camaraderie.  Had I known sooner how nice and uplifting we people are, I would’ve joined this community much sooner! 🙂

That’s a fact, Jack.

Anyone else have any to add?  I can think of so many more, but I would have you reading off of your computer screen for HOURS. (I talk a lot if y’all haven’t noticed.)

Enjoy your Friday Eve!


Let’s Talk Fitness

Hey y’all! Hope your Monday was fantastic!

So tonight I wanted to share with you lovely people what my typical gym day looks like! Let’s go!

I woke up this morning thinking that I was going to drive my parent’s to my dad’s doctor’s appointment, but instead my mother urged me to stay home and said she would be okay driving him.. as my mother wished.  I thought… Well, let’s get some sweat in.  I handled an errand, and my brother accompanied me to our neighborhood gym.  For starters, the gym receptionist was actually friendly – she usually has a bit of an attitude towards me for whatever reason.. all I ever do is smile and greet her.  I am in no way complaining! Maybe she read my blog post from yesterday.. she put a little love in her heart. 😉  Okay, so my gym days consist of about an hour and a half of weight training and with running about two hours. I typically start with weight training first.  I do this because I would rather have my run be one of endurance and mind over matter – so when I strength train first, I build muscle,  get my heart rate up for my run, tire myself out and still push through a run.

I am going to give you all a rough overview of the machines and then I’ll break everything down by reps/sets.

The first machine that I work on is the cable machine.  This piece of equipment intimidated me at first because of the complexity of it (or so I thought) and the fact that the majority of people that use these machines are males.. and they all gather together and it is just somewhat uncomfortable when you as a female don’t understand how to use the machine.  Thankfully, I have a brother who regularly goes to the gym with me so he showed me the ropes, at least of that workout machine.  Thanks Gee!  The cables are utilized for arm workouts and even oblique workouts.  When it comes to this machine, I focus on biceps, triceps and back shoulder muscles.

After I get a good sweat going on the cable machine, I will work out my back on this nifty piece that lingers next to the cable machine….

And then comes the fun part, weighted squats! This actually was SO exciting for me because today I PRed at 170 pounds; I typically squat 135 pounds! Woop woop! BUT when I first started squatting, I was only able to squat 65 pounds.  Hard work pays off!

Next up: Situps! How can we forget about the ONE exercise that everyone loves!? I do not like sit-ups, but they are classic and they DO work. I typically do sit-ups on a bench and have my brother stand in front of me, toss a medicine ball to me as I am reclining back and as I come back up, I toss the ball upright to him.

After my round of sit-ups, I will get to running on the treadmill BUT more so than not I am outside running.  I will usually do three miles or 30 minutes, whichever I feel like doing that day.  Three miles for me is about 26 minutes, so I mean doing 30 minutes is typically what I average.  Now, if I am interval training on the treadmill then I will run a shorter distance, but quicker; it all depends on what I have planned for that day! I end with chocolate milk. 🙂

Now for the breakdown:

Cable Machine Rows: 40 lbs x 15 reps x 5 sets

Cable Machine Triceps: 50 lbs x 15 reps x 5 sets

Cable Machine Biceps: 40 lbs x 15 reps x 5 sets

Back Machine: 20 reps x 4 sets

Weighted Squat Machine (Smith Machine): 135 lbs x 10 reps x 7 sets

Weighted Squat Machine Calf Raises: 135 lbs x 10 reps x 4 sets

Medicine Ball Sit Ups: 15 reps x 5 sets

Running: 3 miles or 30 minutes

Interval Running: 5 min. warm up, 5:30 sprint, 6:00 jog, 6:30 sprint, etc.  for 2 miles

So now that I have shared what I love to do at the gym, what is your form of exercise?

Thanks for taking your time to read this. 🙂