I’m back

You know, it has been a couple of years since I have blogged. Life gets so crazy, and honestly… it feels nice to unplug from the digital world. In the past couple of years, so many things have happened (I am sure this is the same for everyone reading this)… how do you just be still in a world that is constantly moving/changing. I have realized that the act of being still is difficult – this is what I am unpacking tonight. So grab a hot chocolate, your cozy blanket and a dessert of some sort….. here we go.

I think to better understand what it means to “be still”, we need to define each word.

be – exist, quality, identity, nature, role

still – deep silence, calm, not moving, peace

If you are a Christian or if you are not, chances are you are familiar with the Bible verse that reads “Be still and know that I am God” – after all, it is on almost everyone’s Pinterest board and has now made it onto coffee mugs. But you know, I think we (I’m talking to myself right now) – often gloss over those words, the real meaning of the words. To “be” is to exist in whatever state you are currently in, and right now we are talking about existing in the next word “Still”… “silence, peacefulness, no movement”. You know how hard that is? It is almost impossible these days; however, the Lord gently reminds me to rest in Him, to allow my identity to BE that of calmness. To be calm and to have peace means that you have to trust that everything is going to work out. Y’all…I am not a super patient person. So when the Lord requires me to act out of obedience and live a life of stillness, wholly trusting Him – I freak out!

“God, you want me to trust You with every piece of me? What about my current situation? What about the fear? With my career? Coworkers? Family? Stressors of life? My relationships? Finances? Life passions?”


Y’all. Yes? Just like that? He longs for us to have faith in Him, to not allow doubt to rent a space in our minds/heart. Now, this doesn’t mean that we are given the green light to make poor decisions, no. This is a lifestyle that would allow Him to be Lord and Savior of our lives. To be the One who is driving the vehicle while we fully trust that He WILL work everything out, while we work out our faith – while we take God ordained steps.

So be still with Him. Learn how to sit and listen, worship, read the Word, thank Him, relax in His goodness, remember from where He brought you, count your blessings… and be still.

Talk to y’all soon! – EG