Fitness Apps to keep you sweating!

What’s going on y’all? I know we all hear about a ton of different fitness apps that are available, and we probably want to download every single one of them (at least, that’s how I am!).  I wanted to give y’all a look into the top apps that I use and really enjoy!


Runtastic – (free) I love that this app is clean and streamlined.  It looks crisp, and it is simple to use! Also, if you want to upgrade to Pro, it is only $5.  An inexpensive app that does a great job!

Strava – (free) Another running app.  Not only can you use it to track distance, but the app also offers different weekly/monthly challenges that you can take part of. You can also see the athletes who are around you, check their times and distances – great motivation and networking app!

Pact – (free download) This app is so neat! Okay, so you set a goal on the app + enter what you’ll pay other members if you don’t reach the goal.  So for instance you can set a goal to hit the gym 4 days a week, and if you don’t go then $10 is deducted from your account that week.  It really is an awesome app to keep you accountable! I mean, who wants to give away money? However, if you DO meet your goals you earn cash rewards!

Livestrong – (free) Perfect app to track your caloric goal.  This app shows your progress on a chart, plus it has a community forum.  I am a huge advocate for Livestrong because of what their company represents.  This is an app worth checking out for sure!

Fitness Point – (free) Ever get tired of trying to remember all of the workouts that exist to the human race? Well, this app aggregates every workout by muscle group and allows you to build and save your own workout!

Pump Up – (free) This app is extremely similar to Fitness Point, however Pump Up allows you to choose your goal (lose weight, get toned, etc.), fitness level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), duration, and other general factors to generate a workout that best suits you.

First Aid – (free) What if something happens to you or another friend while training? That is exactly why I have this app – just in case and for safety reasons.  Even if you are not working out, this is a smart app to download – free information is at your fingertips.  Head injury, Choking, Strain and Pains, Asthma Attack are just a few of the topics that are available First Aid Topics.

Luminosity – (free) Keep that brain strong! It is great to have a strong, healthy body but do not forget about that brain of yours.  Daily/weekly brain exercises are great to incorporate into your training routine…it’ll keep you sharp and on your toes! Luminosity covers: Memory, Attention, Flexibility, Speed and Problem Solving.  Stay healthy in all aspects of life!

Those are the top few apps that I frequent. Does anyone use these same apps? If not, what are other awesome apps that I should check out? You know what to do, comment down below!

Thanks for reading 🙂




XHIT Daily – A+++ Workout Videos

Hi y’all – so I came across a new found treasure! Oh my gosh, I was thrilled when I found this YouTube Channel.  I am always looking for new, fun ways to enjoy my workouts/gym sessions and this channel totally does that for me!


This is not going to be a super long post about XHIT Daily.. I really just want to share this with y’all because I have been super excited about their workouts since the first time I watched their videos.

So XHIT Daily is geared towards both the women fitness junkies and the women that are new to the fitness world.  They have videos that range from 5 to 18 minutes and these videos cover every muscle of your body PLUS they can be done in the comfort of your home! So we’re talking HIIT videos to videos that streamline a certain muscle group. One of the reasons why I instantly fell in love with this channel is because these are women, just like you and I who are choosing to live a healthier lifestyle.  I think it’s fabulous! Plus, I can not lie… the studio that they shoot in is gorgeous.  I love the set-up, the directing, I love the colors, their personalities – it really just all flows extremely well together and I find myself watching their videos over and over.  They are now my Go-To channel for any and all types of workouts.  Another neat aspect? They offer an e-newsletter that will give you up-to date info on the newest videos, what is happening behind the scenes, etc.  I’ll link the sign-up page down below, it’s super quick and easy to sign up and it’s totally free!

Check them out when you have a chance, and I pinky promise you – you will most certainly not be sorry!

Oh also, click around on their website – you’ll find a Tip of the Day, Bio’s of the hosts and so much more.  It really is an awesome site!




Thanks to XHIT Daily, I was inspired to create an outdoor set-up where I can workout to their videos!

IMG_1530 IMG_1490










Short and Sweet post!


LUSH-fully amazing bathtime

Hey y’all! There are days after a workout/run or a long day where I just simply need to sit in the bath because I am way too lazy to stand up in the shower for 30 minutes (can I get a AMEN).  Bath time is pretty boring for me, unless I have LUSH products to add a little somethin’ somethin.  Keep on reading to find out how I add the “lush” factor to my baths.


So before we go on, I hope you all are doing fantastic and are having a great April so far! The weather is changing into springy…summery-ish type of weather, and although I am typically not the kind of girl to enjoy summer weather – because it gets to like upwards of 95 degrees here, I do however enjoy the 80 some odd degree weather.  I absolutely love love LOVE running in warm weather that has a bit of humidity – bring on the sweat!

Back to LUSH.  So I have been into LUSH for a few years already – ever since I was introduced to the products, I just couldn’t stop shopping there (shopaholic, much?). Plus their bags are super cute!

IMG_1220Lush is so awesome in that they do not do any testing on animals and their products are organic and handmade.  Honestly, you don’t even have to be into the whole “organic” thing to really enjoy their products, they definitely know what they are doing!


Plus the packaging within the HUGE shopping bag is again.. super cute! I actually love how the products are individually packaged because I am able to store them in my restroom as a decoration – I’m a total girl, I’m telling ya!


IMG_1218IMG_1219 And these are the products that I purchased.  To the left: Pink Bath Bomb, sweet vanilla is the primary scent; Tisty Tosty, smells like “new love”.. pure, sweet, rosy. (Both Bath Bombs)

To the right: MMM Melting Marshmallow Moment, which is made of marshmallow herb, cocoa butter and almond oil – delicious! (Bath Melt)

I’ll place a link for all three below. 🙂


 As for the instructions? Totally and completely easy! First, fill up your bath with warm/hot water… unless you care for cold baths, in which case… go for it! Choose your Bath Bomb.  You can see which one I chose for this time around.  Place the Bath bomb in your bath, while you’re in it of course.


And you’re SET, let the Bath Bomb do it’s thing.  You’ll see something similar to this happening in your bath; you’ll also wanna keep your ears open for the “fizzing” sound, it’s so cool.  Sorry for the bad lighting!


Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the scent and feeling of your bath.  Honestly, Bath Bombs add such a cool element to your water! I get so excited after I buy a few Bombs, because I KNOW that the next few baths are going to definitely feel amazing!

Links to the Bath Bombs pictured above:

Pink Bath Bomb:,en_US,pd.html#start=15

Tisty Tosty:,en_US,pd.html#start=18

MMM Melting Marshmallow Moment:,en_US,pd.html#start=3


Hope y’all enjoyed this read!! Oh and if you love LUSH or are thinking about buying any – let me know which ones you have in mind, I am due for another LUSH visit.


Happy HallowThanksMas

Hey everyone! Yes, I said it… Happy HallowThanksMas (*see below for definition) – do we even know what holiday we are celebrating anymore?  I would like to point out that Tarjay ALREADY has their Christmas section out and ready for purchase! What! Why! I wish we could just enjoy one holiday/season at a time, don’t you think that would alleviate the stress level that the majority of people share in? It almost makes the holidays tasteless.  My family and I skip over Halloween parties, but of course we own costumes – playing dress up is fun for work/school events, etc.! Thanksgiving for us is all about family drama, food and football – if that isn’t All-American, I am not sure what is! Can anyone else relate? Christmas is more of a sentimental time for our family where we continue to honor our Lord Jesus Christ, and share in much less family drama, much more fun and cake pops! Speaking of cake pops.. I will have to post a tutorial/recipe on my cake pops because they are the  I understand that most people do not say ‘the’, but I do. 🙂 Are there any other tutorials/recipes y’all would be interested in seeing posted? Baking and I – we are best friends, in case you hadn’t heard!

So fall/winter is not much for where I am from.  I live in the great state of Texas, and uh…. our winters are almost non-existent.  Our ‘cold weather’ is somewhere in the 40s and that is if we are fortunate enough to see that number!  You can bet your bank account that at the feel of 60 degrees, girls are walking around with scarves, boots and a hot Starbucks drink in hand.  Yes, yes and YES I am one of those girls – well when it is in the 50s I am one of those the Starbucks drink only makes an appearance on my cheat days (Sat/Sun).  We Texas women LONG to be like you northern ladies all bundled up in cute winter apparel even though we have no real reason to wear any of it because… it’s not like it snows down here! It’s cute nonetheless, just let us. Please?

Total Random Thought:  I wanted to mention a site that is near and dear to my heart.  I am usually on this website hmmm three times maybe even four times a week.  I have a nerd side to me (don’t we all?), and this website provides me with a ton of information that otherwise would’ve taken me longer to find.

This website is an information portal in the form of a forum for the major cities, all states, countries and even has a ‘General Forum’ area.  Has anyone else ever utilized City Data?  I have been a member for a while, and am constantly up to date with interesting information because of this website.  The power of the internet!

*Urbandictionary’s definition:

HallowThanksMas:  “Is the holiday celebrating the most wonderful time of the year, October through December. It is a time of great warmth, sharing, parties, and of great American commercialism. People complain about overlapping holidays, but why? The distinction between the three major holidays is only becoming less clear. Embrace it as HallowthanksMas! It’s certainly not going to disappear. It’s a great excuse to eat, drink and be merry for three months straight! Each month is a celebration of its respective holidays, and seeing decorations and stores fully stocked should get our creative juices flowing; food, friends, parties and decorations are all a part of the holidays. Let’s face it, HallowthanksMas is here to stay, and I say God Bless It. And God Bless Us, everyone!”

I hope you all enjoyed this bit of Elizabeth 🙂

Talk to y’all soon!


Numero Uno

This is the first blog post of what I hope will lead the way for many many more.  I am excited about this journey, and hope that somewhere along the way this will encourage and bring a smile to someone or some few. 

I have always enjoyed writing, reading and all things literature.. so you can see how this is such a thrill to me! Although I do not know the first thing about blogging, I am going to give this my absolute best shot. 

First and foremost, I am a servant of the Lord, I take that extremely seriously.  He is my Redeemer and my world.  He has walked by my side and carried me through many situations, it is unbelievable! He defines me.

I am also an IMPACT Certified Volleyball Coach, and I also own my own coaching business (private lessons for court and sand volleyball).  What else, what else… oh yes – I am a runner! I absolutely love to run.  I first ran when I was in third grade and was absolutely terrible at it.. maybe because I didn’t have a great pair of running shoes.  A couple of years ago, I started running on the treadmill.  I was not able to complete ten minutes without huffing and puffing, and now.. well now I am able to run with endurance.  The love for running which was sparked two years ago hasn’t left, I actually am more fond of it now then I was before – that might be because now I actually understand running, I mean.. I really get it! Aside from volleyball and running, I also adore the fashion world, photography and all things fitness OH and also traveling! So keep an eye out for posts on the above 🙂

I hope this serves to inspire and uplift!