I’m back

You know, it has been a couple of years since I have blogged. Life gets so crazy, and honestly… it feels nice to unplug from the digital world. In the past couple of years, so many things have happened (I am sure this is the same for everyone reading this)… how do you just be still in a world that is constantly moving/changing. I have realized that the act of being still is difficult – this is what I am unpacking tonight. So grab a hot chocolate, your cozy blanket and a dessert of some sort….. here we go.

I think to better understand what it means to “be still”, we need to define each word.

be – exist, quality, identity, nature, role

still – deep silence, calm, not moving, peace

If you are a Christian or if you are not, chances are you are familiar with the Bible verse that reads “Be still and know that I am God” – after all, it is on almost everyone’s Pinterest board and has now made it onto coffee mugs. But you know, I think we (I’m talking to myself right now) – often gloss over those words, the real meaning of the words. To “be” is to exist in whatever state you are currently in, and right now we are talking about existing in the next word “Still”… “silence, peacefulness, no movement”. You know how hard that is? It is almost impossible these days; however, the Lord gently reminds me to rest in Him, to allow my identity to BE that of calmness. To be calm and to have peace means that you have to trust that everything is going to work out. Y’all…I am not a super patient person. So when the Lord requires me to act out of obedience and live a life of stillness, wholly trusting Him – I freak out!

“God, you want me to trust You with every piece of me? What about my current situation? What about the fear? With my career? Coworkers? Family? Stressors of life? My relationships? Finances? Life passions?”


Y’all. Yes? Just like that? He longs for us to have faith in Him, to not allow doubt to rent a space in our minds/heart. Now, this doesn’t mean that we are given the green light to make poor decisions, no. This is a lifestyle that would allow Him to be Lord and Savior of our lives. To be the One who is driving the vehicle while we fully trust that He WILL work everything out, while we work out our faith – while we take God ordained steps.

So be still with Him. Learn how to sit and listen, worship, read the Word, thank Him, relax in His goodness, remember from where He brought you, count your blessings… and be still.

Talk to y’all soon! – EG




Everyone Has One

“Lord, make us courageous”.  This song is playing right now on my laptop, and I often wonder if we live courageous lives? Maybe you are not a Christian, maybe you are.  This applies to everyone, though.  Let’s face it, the Bible is full of common sense “stories”, it is in it’s essence.. truth.  If we really take time to read the Bible, we see that nothing that we go through now is new under the sun – our daily struggles have lived in the past.  I have often struggled with living a courageous life.  I have doubted myself, I have questioned my abilities in my school, work, and social life.  Everyone has their flaws, and this is one of mine.  I know that the Lord has a reason for this, He has a reason for creating me with certain abilities and inabilities… better put.. certain strengths and weaknesses and I also understand that He creates everyone differently because we were all placed on this beautiful earth for a certain purpose.  Some of us are great cooks (NOT me haha), some of us are great at speaking, and some of us love serving others.. that is the category that I am realizing I am in.  The Lord has given me this gift to serve, and in writing this blog.. I hope to serve you all in daily, weekly or monthly inspiration.  I also know that (again) we may not all be Christians, but what I do understand and LOVE about our society is that we all agree that we have a certain purpose and THAT is wonderful.  Without purpose… well, why are we here? We have no reason to be here if we do not inhabit a purpose and act on it.

Since I was 15, I have been blessed with a burden for people – for people that I hardly know and strangers.  It is so odd, so not natural to be burdened for a stranger, but I look at people and I see the hurt.. I see the pain, the need, the struggle and I can’t do anything about it.  I can pray, I can extend a helping hand, but I can’t be there daily for that person and it makes me sad, it honestly overwhelms me.  If I could, I would help and serve everyone because for me to see a smile is worth an endless amount of material items.  I know I have typed about this before, but this is the very reason that I volunteer my time to coach for the YMCA.  I volunteer NOT to feel good about myself, but to help others feel wonderful about themselves and to be Christ to others.  When I see players interact with each other and enjoy it all while enjoying volleyball – I can’t help but to be happy, more so to be humbled that I am able to be a vessel of hope and joy to others.

Throughout your day, take a second to look at a complete stranger and smile at them.  Take a second to open the door for an elderly person that you do NOT know.  Take a second to buy an American soldier a meal.  YOU can make a difference and you ALONE may not be able to make a difference in America, but when people work together.. just like a team.. we ALL make a difference, one by one – baby steps, little by little.  This isn’t a sermon, I am not a pastor.. I am just a person who truly cares for the person who is next to me.  Be courageous.

You know what song comes to mind when I think about all of this? This is going to sound super silly, but I am going to put myself out there.. I mean, it is the internet after all.

This is SO true.  I mean, if we all put just a little love in our hearts and if we all gave just a little love away daily.. this world would be a better place, by far! Now I kinda feel like listening to this song, and I think I may in a bit. 🙂 Plus, it is a cool jam to dance around to in front of your mirror in your room.  Oh… you don’t do that? Me either.

I encourage you to live a courageous life.  Show your pearly whites!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


So Many Doors

Hey everyone!  Lights, camera, action.  Well, that is not exactly how this morning started, but it is pretty close.  Today was our team make-up day for volleyball photos because this Coach right here completely thought that picture day was today, when in fact.. it was three weeks ago (oops).  Do things like this only happen to me? It seems like I can have the whole agenda correct, but somehow and in someway I miss something… picture day was this something for the season.  We ended up taking our photos after our three sets.. we won two and couldn’t quite close the third, but I am extremely proud of our team and how well they have demonstrated just that.. “team”.  When a team works together, it creates something amazing, structured, uniformed.. I love knowing that the parents are watching their girls improve and I absolutely enjoy knowing that the individual player understands and sees that she is improving.

Volleyball has played a vital role in my life ever since I was in eighth grade.  That year was my first season stepping onto a court and I haven’t been able to step off.  I played Varsity throughout high school, and I remember wanting to play my absolute best.  I remember desiring to be a player of character.  I remember loving the sport so much that I did not want the tournament or game to end.  I never knew that I would one day be a coach; I never had a desire to coach but because of the Lord that all has changed.  Looking back, I have seen the Lord’s mighty hand guide my steps.  He has closed doors; He has also allowed me to humbly walk through chosen doors. I am coaching because He has done both.. closed and opened doors.  The passion that I have for coaching is incredible, and I strongly believe that the Lord has placed a passion in everyone’s heart – but you need to find it.  You need to trust in the Lord and know that He is ordaining your steps; that Bible that may be dusty… open it, read it; pray without ceasing, seek His kingdom first.  Coaching warms my heart.. just to know that I have a few hours a week with players of all walks of life, religious backgrounds, family demographic to instill lifelong values to be utilized both on and off the court encourages me to continue to do what I feel called to do. 

Switching subjects! So I attended my very first soccer game today.  It turns out that our city has a soccer team, and well my brother asked me to take him so I thought why not.. what could it hurt? You’re right – it didn’t hurt a thing, except the stadium seats were not too comfortable, but then again what stadium seats are comfy? The guys put up a good game, I enjoyed watching.  I need to find a Cliff Notes booklet on soccer, because half of the time I had no idea why the ref made a certain call.  The game didn’t turn me into a soccer lovin’ girl, but I will say that if I was invited again.. well I would probably go watch. Oh, and I saw a few people that I knew – that is always a plus!

Falling asleep these days has not been too simple… so I am going to turn on Francis Chan and get some rest!

Thanks for reading!



Numero Uno

This is the first blog post of what I hope will lead the way for many many more.  I am excited about this journey, and hope that somewhere along the way this will encourage and bring a smile to someone or some few. 

I have always enjoyed writing, reading and all things literature.. so you can see how this is such a thrill to me! Although I do not know the first thing about blogging, I am going to give this my absolute best shot. 

First and foremost, I am a servant of the Lord, I take that extremely seriously.  He is my Redeemer and my world.  He has walked by my side and carried me through many situations, it is unbelievable! He defines me.

I am also an IMPACT Certified Volleyball Coach, and I also own my own coaching business (private lessons for court and sand volleyball).  What else, what else… oh yes – I am a runner! I absolutely love to run.  I first ran when I was in third grade and was absolutely terrible at it.. maybe because I didn’t have a great pair of running shoes.  A couple of years ago, I started running on the treadmill.  I was not able to complete ten minutes without huffing and puffing, and now.. well now I am able to run with endurance.  The love for running which was sparked two years ago hasn’t left, I actually am more fond of it now then I was before – that might be because now I actually understand running, I mean.. I really get it! Aside from volleyball and running, I also adore the fashion world, photography and all things fitness OH and also traveling! So keep an eye out for posts on the above 🙂

I hope this serves to inspire and uplift!